The Ruskin
Janna was the first scientist-in-residence at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art with the support of a Fellowship from the UK’s National Endowment of Science, Technology, and Art (NESTA). See the link for her contribution to the Guardian’s Big Draw Supplement.
  •  The Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art
  •  Contribution to 'The Big Draw'

Henry Krokatsis, Chandelier 1, 2003, carbon deposit on paper
The Hayward Gallery
The Hayward Gallery in London is currently touring the exhibition You’ll Never Know: Drawing and Random Interference. Janna's essay on Quantum Chance is published in a book that accompanies the exhibit.
  •  Hayward Gallery: You'll Never Know

Inspired by the new millenium, former Pogue and recipient of the UK’s first New Music award, Jem Finer, has composed a song that lasts for a millennium. Longplayer is supported by Artangel and can be heard at the abandoned lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. The book accompanying Longplayer includes a short contribution on Time by Janna Levin.
  •  Longplayer (the book)

Mark Lythgoe & Andrew Kötting
Neurophysiologist Mark Lythgoe collaborated with artist Andrew Kötting on the film Mapping Perception. The film stars Andrew's daughter Eden who suffers from Joubert’s disease. A book of collected works to complement the film includes a short contribution from Janna Levin.
  •  Mapping Perception (book on amazon)

Catherine Yass, Double Agent, 2002
Telling Stories
Catherine Yass is a Turner Prize nominated artist. Telling Stories is Janna’s essay for an exhibition of Catherine Yass's photographs and lightboxes made during Catherine’s collaboration with Dr. William James at the William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford .

Charles Avery , 'The Creation' panel 3, 1998

From Reality to Flight
From Reality to Flight is Janna’s written contribution to the Kettle's Yard visual art exhibition Flights of Reality curated by Simon Groom in Cambridge, UK.
  •  Flights of Reality
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